STMicroelectronics (STMICRO)
Imaging Division

ImageIn 1999 STMICRO acquired VLSI Vision plc, a company specializing in CMOS imaging solutions based in Edinburgh. This centre of excellence forms the core of STMICRO’s Imaging Division, which has become a world leading CMOS image sensor supplier. Adding the resources and advanced semiconductor technology development capabilities of STMICRO, the Imaging Division has advanced to current technology development and pre-production on 90nm custom CMOS sensor processes.

STMICRO’s Imaging Division has extensive expertise in the areas of analogue and digital integrated circuit design, CMOS imager system design, optical design, optical packaging, software, semiconductor manufacturing and test for high-volume consumer imaging products. STMICRO has now achieved, despite strong competition, a dominant position in the rapidly growing market for personal mobile imaging based on CMOS image sensors, where low power consumption levels and very high light sensitivity are demanded. In addition, STMICRO has proven experience of applying its expertise to the industrialisation of new and emerging technology.

Lindsay Grant is Imaging Process Manager at STMICRO’s centre of competence for CMOS Imaging, and will be the primary interface for imaging process support and consultancy. He has 20 years of experience in semiconductor device physics and process development, and has spent 12 years in wafer fab where he held positions in product, device and process engineering. Currently he works in CMOS technology development for Imaging applications. During the last 6 years he has coordinated the development and introduction of Imaging optimized CMOS process technology, playing a key role in the success of STMICRO's imaging process technology. He has co-authored several imaging papers and is sole author for 1 technology patent. In Feb 2005 he was invited to present at the International Solid-State Conference Forum on Image Sensor Characterisation.